Product Design

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  • Computer Aided Design
    We use computer aided design software for creation of the original product design and the design of the moulding equipment necessary for manufacture.  By combining the two elements in one integrated CAD system the process of product design can be kept as efficient as possible whilst maintaining some degree of flexibility during the process.
  • Computer modelling
    We use computer software to represent the product under development.  Aside from the appearance of the item software is available to assist with the physical characteristics and the behavour of the plastic during manufacture, all of which helps to improve product development before committing to engineering work.
  • Product protoyping/model making
    There are a variety of ways in which we can provide actual physical models of proposed new products.  This can range from very sophisticated silicon casts or more simple hand made models.  In both cases we aim to ensure that products will meet specification and are a practical solution to a particular problem.
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